Household Appliances

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Material for Home & Office Appliances

Environmental protection and energy-saving sustainable development in the household appliance industry, we provide innovative and high-performance plastic materials and technical solutions for the household appliance industry.
Air Conditioner Shell, Compressor Shell, Base, Panel, Deflector,
  • Oil resistance, good appearance
  • High heat resistance, High impact
  • Dimensional stability, easy molding
  • Chemicals resistant
  • Environmental stress cracking resistance
  • Green , Free-spraying , Pearl effictiveness

  • Centrifugal Fan
  • High creep deformation resistance
  • High strength , High toughness
  • Antibacterial>99%、Dust proof
  • High Dimensional Stability

  • Cooker Shell, Cover, Panel, Heating Base
  • PBT-G10
  • High strength , High heat-resistance
  • High gloss , Brushed finishing
  • Low odor, meet standards of food safety
  • V-0 Flame-retardant,Good appearance

  • TV Back Frame, Base, Cover, Trim Strip
  • High Dimensional Stability
  • Low shrinkage values
  • Hihg rigidity,High toughness
  • Good appearence,Light